Postpartum Services

What does a postpartum Doula do?

Families who receive support throughout their postpartum period often have a smoother transition into their fourth trimester! Postpartum doulas encourage and guide every parent to the best of their abilities. Every family can use the extra help to ensure they get an adequate amount of rest to focus on what is most important- bonding with their precious baby! 

Every family has unique needs and I will ensure the care and support provided is tailored to best suit your family. This includes:

  • Basic newborn care support (swaddling, diapering, burping, etc)

  • Emotional support for new parents during the fourth trimester 

  • Creating a safe and comfortable environment 

  • Support for older children while they adjust to new family dynamics and basic pet care

  • Physical care/ supervision of baby while parent or parents get some much needed rest, sleep, shower  

  • Assistance and support in feeding your baby (breastfeeding and/or bottle feeding)

  • Making meals, meal preparation, and/or grocery shopping

  • Running light errands

  • Basic household chores +laundry

  • Overnight support


30/ hour (daytime) *4 hour minimum

35/ hour (overnight) *8 hour minimum