"Julia is very calm and relaxed. She maintained her composure in a stressful, fast, birth in which the midwife did not arrive in time. Her voice was soft and comforting. She was able to focus, think and do what was needed to be done in the moment despite the stress. She worked alongside my husband and respected his role. They were a great team!"

Mandy & John

"Julia was very supportive, caring and understood my needs. She is an amazing doula and was the major reason I had an unmedicated birth!"

Darcy & Alex

"Julia is an amazing doula and I would definitely have her again! She was very calming with with me during birth. She made me feel comfortable in moments of high intensity. Julia felt like a family member, but at the same time was very professional."

Iris & Peter

I was so fortunate to have Julia as my birth and Postpartum Doula! Leading up to the birth, Julia made me feel extremely comfortable and relaxed around her. She really listened to what I had to say, and she allowed me to voice the concerns and fears that I was having. She guided my husband and I while we made a birth and postpartum plan. Knowing that birth is unpredictable, the plan allowed us to all be on the same page, working as a team. Julia was the best birthing coach I could have asked for. She was by my side the entire time (which is what I needed) working together with my husband. She offered continuous support, cheered me on and gave me the confidence that I needed. She reassured me that I was capable, she massaged my lower back, she positioned me on the birth ball, she hydrated me, she nourished me, she encouraged me, she believed in me. She worked with my husband and gave us our space at just the right time. The list goes on and on! Because of Julia, I was empowered to have a natural water birth... and that’s exactly what I had. It was because of her ongoing support, physical touch/ adjustments and genuine care that I had such an amazing birth. Julia’s sweet, loving and caring personality made her the right fit. Her knowledge about birth and postpartum care was so helpful. I can’t wait to have Julia as my Doula for my second child! 

Nicola & Greg